PTS & DTS timestamp information using sourceReader RRS feed

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    using the sourceReader, I read out the encoded video samples. Additional to the IMFSample I get also the DTS timestamp information. In a second step I will send these samples to the decoder.

    For example, my video player application wants to show frame 55 (in pts order of course) - in a longGOP video file. How and where can I get the information how many frames I have to load by the sourceReader to get frame 55 in PTS order????

    Using SetCurrenPosition should be the key to get the previous sync frame. To be honest I do not know if SetCurrentPositon needs the DTS time information or the PTS time information.Is there anywhere in the www a hint?

    After using SetCurrentPosition, I should have the sync frame - how many frames are needed to get the requested frame 55 (in pts order)? ReadSample returns no information about PTS - it only returns the DTS timestamp and the IMFSample, including the encoded video samples.....

    Moreover both timestamps DTS and PTS can have different offset values - values of the first frame in DTS as well as PTS order. At the moment, the first call of ReadSample returns the dts offset, if you SetCurrentPosition to zero.

    I hope someone of you could help me to get the required number of frames (in dts order) from the sourceReader to get the requested video frame by the decoder.

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    Thursday, August 6, 2015 3:10 PM