Biztalk and WinCE5


  • Hi there

    I downloaded BT2010 DEV version, then I used the dll`s under SDK\Mobile\v1.1\bin\ to write a simple app. that converts EPC to urn. format, it worked 100% until my mobile CE5 device lost battery power, it reset back to 2012 and when I ran the app again from VS2008 (only platform supporting CE5/6 development) I got the message that the dll`s are now "expired" the evaluation period is gone !!! What gives this was a DEV environment, not the evaluation version.... why would this be, the problem relates to the following three files:




    There is no way to "reset" the effect, changing the time back/forward does not help, even copying the dll`s again does not work either ??? Sigh..... The PC side works 100% now for 6 months !

    Tx Ben

    Monday, June 10, 2013 7:24 PM