How to send synchronous message to the service do not through CSF session RRS feed

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  • Hi All!


    I'm using CSF 3.0 Developer Edition Full.

    I've tried to send a synchronous message from one servcie directly to another asmx webservice, do not through a CSF session, but it hasn't worked.


    Here is my asmx webserice:


    using System;

    using System.Web;

    using System.Web.Services;

    using System.Web.Services.Protocols;


    [WebService(Namespace = "")]

    [WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo = WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)]

    public class Service : System.Web.Services.WebService


        public Service () {





        public string HelloWorld(string s) {

            return "hello " + s;





    Here is my code from one servcie directly to another asmx webservice with CSF SDK, but do not through CSF session :


    string serverUri = "http://localhost/WebSite/Service.asmx";

    Message msg = Message.CreateMessage("", new Uri(serverUri));

    msg.SetBodyObject("csf test");    // how to define message body ???

    MessageSender sender = new MessageSender();

    string res = sender.SendSync<string>(msg);


    It does not work, and throw ‘System.InvalidOperationException’ ,  

    ---> System.InvalidOperationException: don’t need <HelloWorldResponse xmlns=''>


    What is wrong? and how to define parameter of SetBodyObject function?


    Thank you in advance.


    tonney Yu

    Microsoft Services, South China

    Sunday, April 8, 2007 2:01 PM