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    We are facing issue in setting up VPN Tunnel as explained in detail below -

    Objective – Setup VPN tunnel between VMs in Azure cloud and customer LAN

    Brief Description – We are setting up SharePoint Servers in Azure cloud on VMs. SharePoint servers will host a customer Application that should be accessible from both Internet as well as Intranet. To install SharePoint the VMs have to be joined in Active Directory domain. So we are trying to setup Tunnel so that we can extend customer LAN to Azure cloud and join the VM created in Azure cloud in customer domain. We want to use customer’s On-premise DNS for domain joining and Name resolution.

    We have captured following details from customer –

    Customer VPN Device details – Cisco Router 7200 at Gurgaon office & ASA 1002 at Hyderabad office ( customer has Internet Gateways at these two locations )

    Cisco 7200 supports – IPSEC & ISAKMP – IKE Encryption ( AES, 3DES ), Authentication Method ( MD5, SHA ), Diffe-Helman Group (1.2)

    VPN Tunnel Endpoint IP Address –

    Customer has given us IP Address space -

    Now we need to create Virtual Network as the first step in the Azure cloud. We are not able to add the IP Address range provided by customer while creating a virtual network as this range of IP is not falling under private IP Address range. As per customer they are using these IP Addresses internally in their LAN.

    Need guidance to setup VPN Tunnel

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 4:45 AM


  •  Hello,


    Thank you for posting your question here.

    On-premises IP ranges are defined under "Local Networks". Public and Private IP ranges are allowed here.

    Only the Virtual Network IP range is required to be a private IP range.

    Does that help?

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    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 11:28 PM