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    Hey there,

    I may have posted this question earlier in the wrong category before...sorry about that....

    I have a .net 3.5 web application that makes a connection/call to an Oracle database.  We have a DEV/QA/PROD environment and our connections seem to work in DEV and PROD but not in QA. 

    In our DEV environment we run off of Casini and of course everything works great.

    We have tried setting up our QA environment as close to PROD as we can. Both are 64bit Windows 2008 servers. In IIS both are set up as applications with their respective AppPools using the "Enable 32Bit applications" option marked as true.  Most of the posts I've seen with this error make reference to a permissions error on the ORA_HOME directory....but we don't actually have any Oracle client installed on any of our three servers other than the System.Data.OracleClient.dll in the GAC.  There are no references to ORA in our environment varibles on any of those servers either.

    Could this still be a permissions issue?  The app pool the application uses to run as is setup as a specific user.  Does anyone know if there needs to be special permissions given to this user for a particular folder?  The dlls are in the GAC so I'm a little confused about how special permissions would be given

    Any ideas on this would be beneficial.  Thanks in advance.

    John Scott.

    Monday, October 17, 2011 1:41 PM


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    In similar environment

    I did not use System.Data.OracleClient and instead used Oracle.DataAccess.Client (ODP.NET/ODAC)

    You can get the latest version of ODP.NET 32-bit since your apps are 32-bit, eventhough OS and IIS are 64-bit.

    During the installation select CLIENT INSTALL (not the database install).

    The GAC will be populated with Oracle Data Access, several versions supporting 10g/11g

    Read the ODAC install guide for the minor changes required in web.config and REFERENCES.

    Sometimes, I have to make minor changes in code behind page if I am migrating from System.Data.OracleClient to Oracle.DataAccess.Client,

    and Intellitype has always fixed the minor wording changes for me.


    And although maybe a bad practice in large corporations with many versions of databases, app plaforms, etc.

    I get the exact version of the ODAC dll that I need for my Oracle database (for ASP.NET 3.5 that would be in the oracle home/odp.net/bin 2.0 folder)

    put that in my application /BIN folder and make a local reference to it.

    But I operate in small business with one or a few databases and infrequent database major upgrades,

    so micromanaging ODAC versions within app code is not a major headache for me.


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