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  • Dear Chairman Bill Gates,


    There is the need of this person employed at the Clouds Of Thunder Ministry to get some information on using at least Visual Basic to write a Voice mail system for Video. The design will need the use of phone cards for the phone payment option. The program must connect to the phone system on the internet already. The Time Warner Cable Inc seems to imply the system will be allowed. The multiplexer will allow multiple wavelength and frequency for a number of TV Stations, and therefore the phone system is real by. The Time Warner Cable system has a phone feature on the three products they market in Palm Desert. The apartment complex seems to feel that for decades before the Cable and Phone system planned for one connection in the one bedroom apartment this person is renting.


    The Video mail would allow the user to take mail at their PC at home, work, or Library. The program fee to maintain may be a small amount every year for about $1 a month or year. The customer count of the United States at 300 million would earn money the easy plan without much effort.


    We the People will look forward to Microsoft and it staff having a prosperous New Year.



    Sincerely Yours in the Lord,


    Raymond Shyptycki

    Sincerely Yours in the Lord, Raymond Shyptycki The Clouds Of Thunder Ministry Palm Desert, Ca.
    Sunday, January 22, 2012 4:11 PM

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  • Hey Raymond,

    I've got the term 'video email' in my google alerts and this post showed up today in my inbox. I'm very much interested in the technology which is why I follow it.

    I'm not sure exactly what your project is, but there are lots of video email systems in the world already. You might be able to save yourself a lot of time developing if there is a solution that can do what you want out of the box.

    If you google 'video email', the top results that show up are:




    I would start by looking up each of those and seeing if those might work :)

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012 7:37 PM