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  • I want to find duplicate rows in a table. I can find a count of duplicates as listed below but I want to include all of the rows in the result so that I can compare values in other columns to find out which I should delete. I want the result to show the Count column. This query seems to only show the row once with a count.  How would I do that? I want to use the most ansi standard sql that will work.

    SELECT UserID,ScheduleDaysID, count(*) as Count FROM [dbo].[LMS_Attendance] lms
    GROUP BY lms.UserID,lms.ScheduleDaysID
    HAVING count(*)> 1
    order by UserID

    UserID ScheduleDaysID Count
    D4E36823-1111-40E4-1111-01EB10F3776A B5FA3518-1111-4932-1111-49325F3A383F 2

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  • Hi Tom ERP,

    CTE and ranking functions could help for your scenario.

    Please see below:

                , State VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL
                , City VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL
                , Population INT NOT NULL);
    INSERT INTO @tbl(ID, State, City, Population)
    VALUES (1, 'FL','Miami', 100)
       , (2, 'FL','Orlando', 200)
       , (1, 'FL','Miami', 770)
       , (3, 'TX','Dallas', 540);
    WITH rs AS 
       SELECT *, 
          ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY ID, State, City ORDER BY Population) AS rn
       FROM @tbl
    SELECT * FROM rs;
    --WHERE rn = 1;

    Wednesday, May 15, 2019 7:31 PM
  • You still can use the GROUP BY statement in the subquery:

    SELECT lms.UserID,lms.ScheduleDaysID
    FROM [dbo].[LMS_Attendance] AS lms
    	SELECT UserID, ScheduleDaysID
    	FROM [dbo].[LMS_Attendance]
    	WHERE UserID = lms.UserID AND ScheduleDaysID = lms.ScheduleDaysID
    	GROUP BY UserID, ScheduleDaysID
    	HAVING COUNT(*) > 1

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    Wednesday, May 15, 2019 7:43 PM
  • Hi Tom ERP,


    Per your description , please try to use  window functions.


    ;with cte as (
    SELECT *,count(*)over (partition by lms.UserID,lms.ScheduleDaysID) as Count 
    FROM [dbo].[LMS_Attendance] lms
    select * from cte where Count>1


    Hope it can help you.


    Best Regards,


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