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    I'm thinking of using the Geography datatype in my database (at first just to store a Longitude/Lattitude pair).  I'm not too sure how to pass these items around the system though.  If I have a stored procedure which among other things receives a Geography point, from a higher layer such as VB.NET, which type should I use?  Do I need to pass in an OGC format point as a string and parse it into the row field?  Should I pass in two floats (Long and Lat) and parse them into the field after constructing an OGC string in the stored procedure? 


    I have the same question about fetching the field.  Should I parse out the point into an individual X and Y float value to return to .NET?  Note I'm using VS 2008 Team System and .NET 3.5.






    Thursday, June 5, 2008 5:38 PM