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  • Hi everyone. I am developing P2P application in .Net using PNRP protocol. I have already checked tons of materials concerning PRNP and P2P (SO, Microsoft blog etc). But still can`t solve the issues with clouds. And can`t find step -by-step instruction for proper setting up the Clouds to get peer name resolving. Everything works perfectly on local machine (registering and resolving ).  But cloud state for Global and Local always Alone (if i make some changes sometimes turns to virtual and synchronizing but ended up as Alone). And as result peer names registered on one machine is not visible on other machine in local network. Ipv6 is supported.:

    Scope  Id     Addr   State             Name

    -----  -----  -----  ----------------  -----

        3      9      1  Alone            LinkLocal_ff00::%9/8

        3      5      1  Virtual           LinkLocal_ff00::%5/8

        1      0      1  Alone             Global_


    The actions I tried (win 10 and win 7):

    • disabled firewall for all networks. -not a deal
    • turned on (state: running) and set to Automatic:
      • DNS Client
      • Function Discovery Resource Publication
      • Function Discovery Provider Host
      • SSDP Discovery
      • UPnP Device Host
      • Peer Name Resolution Protocol
      • Peer Networking Grouping
      • Peer Networking Identity Manager
      • PNRP Machine Name Publication Service

    • Group Policy Editor -->    Administrative Templates --> Microsoft Peer-to-Peer Networking Services --> Global Clouds
      • Turn Off Multicast Bootstrap --> disabled
      • Turn Off PNRP cloud creation --> disabled
      • Set PNRP cloud to resolve only --> disabled
      • Set the Seed Server --> Enabled (leaved empty) and for Linc Local --> Not configured.


    As result still can`t see registered names of other machines in local network. and resolve these peer names. Cloud states -  Alone.  Ping seed Global_failed (probably because Toredo is not supported anymore?). 


    1. What I did wrong? 
    2. What kind of services should be turned on to make it works? 
    3. Does anybody have usefull updated links on p2p programming in .NET with practiacl examples (C# win 7 and higher)? I want to build local (then Global) private mesh. Can I do so avoiding PNRP? 
    4. Why all information concerning PNRP dated 2010 or earlier and only XP and Vista OS are pointed. Does Microsoft support it? If not is there a replacement? It seems that p2p blog is not suported anymore
    5. Would be great to get any additional advice.
    6. Optional: After all these action i got one local peer name and can`t get where it comes from. It registered on my PC Ip and not discoverable by other machines (the same is on another machine coressponds to that machine). P2P  name looks like hash function.What does the service cause it?

    Thank you,

    Wednesday, August 2, 2017 7:12 PM

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