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  • I have two WCF services, both of which are being hosted in Managed Windows Services. I can hit both services from my dev box. However, if I try to connect to either service from the machine on which the services are hosted, I get the following error in the service trace file:

    The error bubbled to the client is the first one here, but the error reported in the trace file from the service is the second one:
    The caller was not authenticated by the service.
    The Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) negotiation failed

    I came across this error when I added a new method to Service A, which calls a method on Service B. Then I wrote a simple executable test app and ran it on my desktop. The app is able to invoke methods on both services from my desktop successfully. But it fails when I try to invoke the method on Service A that calls the method on Service B. So then I copied the app to the server on which both services are hosted, and ever method call to both services fails... I actually removed all the implementation from one method, and it still fails... :(

    I tried changing the "Logon User" of both services to me. But that didn't help.

    I have searched all over the net and I have found lots of people with similar errors. However I haven't been able to use those posts to figure out what I am doing wrong here.

    I can post the config files here if someone would like, but I figured I would wait until someone asks... Because I'm not sure if it is relevant...


    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 7:36 PM


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