SOLVED: My TF31003 error RRS feed

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  • I am posting this so that hopefully this will solve the problem for other people (although I haven't really found anyone else specifically discussing my issue).

    This is just a brief outline - I will post up a more detailed run through with screenshots on my blog later.

    Installed software / background
    • Vista 64 bit
    • VS 2010 beta 2
    • TFS 2010 beta 2
    • Single server / basic installation
    • No errors on install
    • Cannot log in to the TFS system at all - no combination of user accounts will be accepted


    I keep getting a TF31003 not authorized error no matter what I use to try to login with.

    If I use the service account which is reported as being used in an info screen during the basic install (NT Authority\LocalService) or the administrator account I was logged into when I installed they both give the error.

    Cause of the problem
    After getting tipped off to a user account permissions program in this thread:
    I attempted to add the required permissions and discovered that I couldnt add the permissions to my main admin account because I dont have a password on my home computer admin .

    I created a special account for using TFS with, added a password then opened a cmd window in the following folder:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Tools

    and executed the following command:

    tfsconfig accounts /add /account:"TFSAccount" /accountType:applicationTier /password:yourPassword

    TFSAccount is the name of the TFS account I created
    yourPassword is the password

    Saturday, December 5, 2009 12:19 AM