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  • Hi, I have an app with many threads. The design I have chosen is to use application wide datacontexts. When things get busy I experience connection timeout/ connection not usable problems. (1) Is MARS an accepted solution for this, or do I  (2) need to consider short living datacontexts, thereby forcing new connections ??. 

    If I am forced to use (2), is there an approach in sharing data across different contexts. The problem I have if I need to use (2), is that the related business objects in question also have fields/properties that are not present in the database (they are not equipped with the [column] attribute. Changing these fields in one datacontext are subsequently not visible in other datacontexts. Any body any tips ????

    Of course, my preferred answer is: use (1)....


    thx ...


    Tuesday, July 6, 2010 2:40 AM