Storing GUID from Active Directory thorugh Script Task(VB.Net) RRS feed

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  • ObjectGUID. 
    which will store the active directory GUID for the users.
    but instead of values i am getting NUll for all the user

    This Is My configuration

    VBscript:- converting hex to string

    'object GUID
                            If key = "objectGUID" Then
                                values = CType(entry.Value, ResultPropertyValueCollection)
                                Dim GuidByteAr() As Byte = values.Item(0)
                                Dim TestGuid As New Guid(GuidByteAr)
                                objectGUID = TestGuid.ToString()

    Destination Database column type as nvarchar

    Source Configuration

    Tuesday, January 5, 2016 12:39 PM


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