Sharing a Windows XP drive with a single Windows 7 computer on a home network. RRS feed

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  • I have a home network with 6 computers, 2 PS3s, an Xbox 360 and enabled wifi for smartphones.  5 of the 6 computers use windows 7 professional and the 1 computer with XP uses XP professional.  The only reason I even use XP is because the SFTP server our home business uses is only available on XP currently. I need the XP computer to share (read, write, edit) with only one of the other windows 7 computers.   I really would like to separate it (with one of the windows 7 computers) for another level of security.  

    I have tried separating into 2 home groups, mapping network drives and have scoured all over forums to see if it is even possible.  I need the XP and the one other computer to be exclusive as the business traffic between them needs to be secure soon and I would prefer it if the other computers not have access in case they became compromised. With the XP one it seems that I have the 3 options, nobody gets access, everybody can read or everybody has complete access.  I feel if I can figure out the XP one then the windows 7 one shouldn't be a problem.

    What are my options here?  Am I leaving out any information to get adequate advice?

    Thursday, January 20, 2011 6:10 PM