Microsoft Office Document Image Writer stopped working RRS feed

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  • MODIW worked great until today.  Normally, I print, I give the doc a name and it creates the .mdi file.  Today, when I tried to print to MODIW, a printer popped up in the system tray and said "0 documents pending."  And my doc wasn't created.  I experimented a little but it failed every time.

    I tried to fix this.  The first thing I did was follow instructions (like these) to create add a new printer:

    1. Go to Control panel - Printer and fax
    2. Add Printer - select local printer attached (Unselect detect Plug N Play)
    3. In the port option select Microsoft Document Image Printer Writer Port
    4. Select and install a generic manufacturer and use text only printer.
    5. Right-click on the generic text/only printer driver and select properties.
    6. Click on ports and select "Microsoft Office Document Imaging Driver Port".
    7. Click on the advanced tab and change the driver to Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.
    8. Click on apply and OK.

    After I did that, the only difference was that the printer in the system tray said "1 document pending" and for a few seconds, my document showed up in the directory with 0KB.  Then it disappeared, and the printer in the system tray said "0 documents pending" just like before. 

    Then I followed instructions similar to these, to uninstall and reinstall:

    1. Close all running applications. If you have any Office applications running, the driver will not be installed properly.
    2. Go to the "Control Panel" and "Add or Remove Programs".
    3. Click on"Microsoft Office 2003" and then click on "Change".
    4. Check "Add or Remove Features" and click "Next".
    5. On the bottom of the page check "Choose advanced customization of applications." and click "Next".
    6. Under Microsoft Office click on the + sign in front of "Office Tools"
    7. Locate "Microsoft Office Document Imaging", click the icon and select "Not Available".
    8. Click on "Update". This will uninstall the MODI driver.
    9. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to go back to the same location you were before.
    10. Locate the object "Microsoft Office Document Imaging", click the icon and select "Run from My Computer".
    11. Click on "Update".

    But this didn't fix the problem, either.  And I still get the printer in the system tray that tells me 0 documents are pending.

    Please, if anyone has any other ideas.  It's worked great for years - I have no idea what happened.  Thanks.
    Tuesday, February 2, 2010 3:15 AM