C# - Is there a quick way to read the COVID-19 data from Google? RRS feed

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  • There is a map called "COVID-19" on Google and I wanna to find a way to read those data.

    Here is the link:

    I am thinking if it is possible to just use a web client to read those data and store it locally in a text file, may someone know about it.  

    Such that the text file may look like this

    country_name, confirmed, case_per_1m_people, recovered, deaths
    xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
    xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
    xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
    xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
    xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

    Thanks a lot ~

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  • Looking at the backend via Chrome developer tools indicates the map is created using their API where the generated link is an internal link to prevent hacking.

    Here is were to start

    Google Maps Platform COVID-19 Developer Resource Hub   

    With that you would be better off with the following, use the url provided to show the map on desktop or mobile browser.

    Bottom line, going with the API is going to take time and simply displaying the map is easier or use another source such as this one.

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    NuGet BaseConnectionLibrary for database connections.

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