Data Explorer plans


  • Are there any plans to enable Data Explorer queries to be pushed up to the server/cloud and set refresh cycles?

    I'm thinking that with the loading to PowerPivot and possibly Tabular and subsequent Pivot/Powerview this would provide a great way to create auto-updating BI with integration from on-premise and off-premise sources.

    It's great that as a business analyst I can run data integration on my desktop but this will only really benefit the organisation if I or IT can automate it either on a server or push it to the cloud.

    I'm a reasonably technical business analyst who has just mashed up a multi-source report.   It's taken me 2 hours aprox. Including learning the facets of M.  It was a little hard as I had to code an M query but this is not too different to writing a DAX calculation.  Self Service DI has arrived. 

    With all this power from PowerPivot and Data Explorer it's very easy to build of a silo of data on my local machine.   Good for solving urgent business problems or prototyping but this needs pushing up to a server just like we can do with Power Pivot to Tabular. 

    Monday, June 24, 2013 3:25 PM