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  • Hi All
    I am VC++ developer and trying to Automate Microsoft Outlook using VC++ and got stucked at one point so need your help indeed.

    Expecting your reply for my question.

    what i want to achieve through VC++ code is :-

    I have few contacts in my application and i want to transfer them to outlook. And in outlook itself there are 3 to 5 user created contacts folder.
    so first time i will ask user to pic the contact folder and once he chosen the contact folder, i will store the path of chosen contact folder in an .ini file
    So next time when he transfers the contact I will not ask him to choose the folder again via the same code, instead i will transfer the contact to the same old contact folder, whose path i have saved in the .ini file.

    so what i wanted to implement is to iterate all contact folders present in the outlook and get their path through pFolder->GetFullFolderPath(); function and compare it with saved path if found then i can use that folder object for moving my contact exactly there
    something like this

    Partial Code snippet Below in VC++

    _ApplicationPtr pApp;
    _ItemsPtr pItems;
    MAPIFolderPtr pFolder, pFolderChld;
    _ContactItemPtr pContact;
    HRESULT hr;


    if (FAILED(hr))
    MsageBox("Unable to instantiate Outlook.","Outlook Error",MB_OK);
    if(m_Option.GetCheck()) //default outlook contacts folder
    if (pFolder==NULL)
    MessageBox("Could not find default contacts folder.","Outlook Error");
    else //display folder selection window
    pFolder = pApp->GetNamespace(_bstr_t("MAPI"))->PickFolder();
    if (pFolder==NULL)
    if (pFolder->GetDefaultItemType()!=olContactItem)
    MessageBox("Select folder is not a Contact folder.","Outlook Contacts");
    BSTR bsPath = pFolder->GetFullFolderPath();

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012 6:07 AM


  • Why not remember the entry id of the folder (MAPIFolder.EntryID) after it is selected by the user, then the second time around just open the target folder using Namespace.GetFolderFromID?

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