Microsoft Installs Windows NT on a silent install and makes me a public sever. No notice, no prmission, I quite AZURE trial after 1 week. RRS feed

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  • I have had serious problems with my HP Laptop 15-bs234wm ever since I brought it home on August 2nd 2018. There were many problems... disappearing files, almost 1000 pictures gone, documents cleared, settings changed before my eyes, drivers from OEM removed and windows drivers frim June 2006 installed. One drive would not quit syncing my files even when I did not install it or disabled it. I joined the AZURE trial because no one at Microsoft would or could help me. I am a disabled vet with only my computer. I quit after one week the AZURE trial, it is intended for businesses not lonely old swabbies. It is at this point last September I believe Microsoft took over my computer. They hid very well. I had 51 individual chat help sessions with Microsoft Help, 18 remote desktops on a computer with windows 10 home, and I have factory reset my PC 22 times with an HP recovery USB. They gave me no notice. Do not admit anything, most of the help personnel tried in vain to assist me. They even had me get an alias for my 30 year old Microsoft account I am now Also If I accidently clicked some button to cause their takeover why do they not say? I have no subscriptions with Microsoft and they continue to retain my credit card for any future charges to AZURE, Office 365, and as a developer which I am not. They use over half the household bandwidth at times and are the remote Administrator of my PC. HP can not even detect it as their own product anymore. Why would such a large company do this? If I can get a word to the masses this may crush them. I believe they are using millions of unsuspecting customers PC's as servers for financial gain.
    This is the PC settings on the silent install C:\AllSystemSettings_{253E530E-387D-4BC2-959D-E6F86122E5F2}.xml
    Wednesday, March 6, 2019 6:54 AM