Embed OWA or a similar Office 365 app in our native app (Java+Html+Jquery) - No Iframe RRS feed

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  • How to  embed  Office 365 app in our native app (Html + Java + jQuery) passing some parameters.

    For instance, if I have to create a meeting request, to whom should I send the meeting request details will be passed as parameters to OWA or O365 app .

    I found one link  https://pod51055.outlook.com/owa/#viewmodel=IComposeCalendarItemViewModelFactory&wid=11&ispopout=1

    I don’t want to use IFrame , I would like to invoke o365 create event in from our app and send recipients list to O365 instead of creation new UI

    Any help with other approaches  ,  it would be appreciated if anyone could let me know.

    Event Creation :

    Email :

    Best Regards Showkath

    Friday, January 23, 2015 11:36 AM