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  • Hi I have a mixed mode dll. At startup we are loking the following trace:
     'MyApp.exe': Loaded 'c:\src\MyApp\Debug\MixedModeDLL.dll.dl'
    'MyApp.exe': Unloaded 'c:\src\MyApp\Debug\MixedModeDLL.dll.dl'
    'MyApp.exe': Loaded 'c:\src\MyApp\Debug\MixedModeDLL.dll.dl'
     'MyApp.exe': Unloaded 'c:\src\MyApp\Debug\MixedModeDLL.dll.dl'
     'MyApp.exe': Loaded 'c:\src\MyApp\Debug\MixedModeDLL.dll.dl', Symbols loaded.
     MixedModeDLL.dll Initializing!
     'MyApp.exe' (Managed): Loaded 'c:\src\MyApp\Debug\MixedModeDLL.dll.dl', Symbols loaded.
       Trace 'MixedModeDLL.dll Initializing!' is made by us in DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH reason within 'DllMain' unmanaged entry point.
        My questions are:
        1.- Who sends the first 'Loaded/Unloaded' traces, and what does it imply in terms of work-load (is it a heavy process or is it a light one), since this happens before the DllMain, and before the MyApp::Main(), I feel it out of our reach to locate.
       2.- Why are there two different traces for load?
          a) 'MyApp.exe': Loaded and
           b) 'MyApp.exe' (Managed): Loaded

       3.- This is a generic question not specific to our library. When a mixed mode library is loaded, how are the managed/unmanaged parts handled? I would think that the Entry point for a mixed dll will still be 'DllMain', or Are there two parts (Managed and unmanaged) that can be loaded independently?

       Any help is appreciated, thank you very much.


       I posted this same question on the spanish forum by mistake:

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