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  • Is it possible to use the Kinnect Camera, hocked up to a computer, as a motion detector, so when ever someone comes with in the range of the Kinnect camera, I want it to trigger/starts playing a movie on the computer display.

    Just to clarify I don´t want it to be used as a motion sensor, triggering a camera to start recording to the computor, like burglar alarm. Instead I want the person coming in front of the Kinnect Camera to trigger a pre-recorded movie shown on the same computer as the Kinnect Camera is connected to.

    First of all is that even possible, and if so is there ant pre existing "out of the box" solution to be able to create something like that? Hope someone can give me a answer either here or by email at

    Tuesday, December 11, 2018 7:42 PM

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  • Both Kinect v1 and v2 SDKs have Skeleton Tracking and they both support more than one tracked body.

    The field of view is rather wide so you'll get people in a range of up to 8 meters that are just standing.So you'll have to filter your input with some criteria to make sure you know that one user is very close to the sensor.

    But is there a reason to do that? You can do so with cheaper distance sensors and look for when the distance is very low. Of course, you have to make sure you don't put other stuff in front of the sensor but the same can be said for the Kinect.

    At any rate, yes it's doable and should be simple enough, so long you don't want face recognition and specific videos for each one.

    Don't know if there's preexisting software like that, but you can build one easily. Personally I can only suggest stuff about Kinect v2 since that's the only sensor I've worked with.Either use Unity+Kinect v2 SDK, or something in WPF(you can check out BodyBasics from the SDK Browser provided with the SDK as a starting point, although I have never tried playing a video in a WPF app but it should be doable).

    Wednesday, December 12, 2018 2:27 PM