How I can integrate a flash player in asp.net application? RRS feed

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  • I am totally new to this flash world.

    My requirment is to use a flash player which can take a xml on the fly.That xml file will store the title name of the song with its location(Could be my site/Could be remote site).



    <title name="Track1" value = "http://mysite/mp3/1.mp3"/>

    <title name=Track2" value = "Http//remotesite/mp3/2.mp3"/>


    First of all is there any such kind of free  flash player available ? If available how can I pass it(the creation of xml I will take care of.I can create xml on the format which it will take) to it that it can read that and play that on the fly.

    Implementation details :

    I have a aspx page which give user a way to choose the track they would like to listen.Now based on the selection I would like to create the xml on the fly and assign it to the flash player on the fly.

    Could anyone help me on this?? It is urgent........

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