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  • I don't understand this chaos...

    Visual Studio 2017 and future: What's the way to build templates for C++ and for C# and for VB?? Can we still use IDTWizard's witz vsz and vsdir files? For all those languages? Or only for C++? Is it "deprecated"? Or not? Or just for C# and VB? Why? What's the idea today? The less capable IWizard? So, in order to convert everything, do I have to write some kind of .net wrapper around everyting and put the functionality of my IDTWizards into an IWizard???

    ... so, easy question for those who didn't want to read what I wrote.

    1) vsz vsdir for C++ templates -> possible? deprecated? what else?

    2) vsz vsdir for C# templates -> possible? deprecated? what else?

    thanks a lot


    Saturday, December 15, 2018 10:16 PM