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  • windows 2003 - vbscript

    i started by the end because of the publicized difficulty of trying to run remotely a wmi vbscript (create shadow copy) with a regular server target user to alter shadow properties.

    i used the objSWbemLocator; changed security to increment the user on root\cimv2, service computer components and followed clsid to find dcom object to also autorize. now when i try to run script as regular user it gives access error but no more events on remote application event folder

    i now know that i encountered the old administrator member issue.  tried to tweak to user right assignment, services, permission on registry...  (emulating administrator account on a restricted basis) without success and the more close that i got was in despair on putting as member of backup operators - run script without error but doesn't do anything. being a old server to maintain i truly need to get a solution even if unsupported to get this feature with security for the server.

    on a simpler manner: i need to be able to locally  make a shadow copy by using a regular user account.

    not being the purpose of deviating the use or functioning of the program, i hope that this can be attended


    Saturday, August 4, 2012 9:29 PM