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  • I want to search my database for entries that appear within a list. Foe example. I want to search my table for all items that have a code 01, 02, 03. In SQL I would use the WHERE IN clause. How can I use this in LINQ. Here is asnippet of LINQ I am using

    Dim qry = From c in DB.MyTable

                   Where c.Code = "01" Or c.Code = "02" 'this is where I would like to use the equivalent of the WHERE IN clause

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010 4:26 PM


  • List<string> codes = new List<string> { "01", "02", "03" };
    var q = from t in dc.SomeTable where codes.Contains(t.Code) select t;


    List<string> codes = new List<string> { "01", "02", "03" };
    var q = dc.SomeTable.Where(t => codes.Contains(t.Code));

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