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    I work on angular 7 with asp.net core 2.2 app new project and i have component report inside project 
    I need to add menu in place of table to display dynamic menu
    meaning i dont need to use table and i need to use menu
    so i need to add nested loop below to menu i because i use dynamic menu .
    but i dont know how to add nested loop below  to menu  

    <p>report-category works!</p>  
    <table *ngFor="let rep of reportlist">    
        <tr *ngFor="let subrep of subreportlist">  
            <div *ngIf="subrep.reportCategoryID === rep.reportCategoryID">  
    import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';  
    import { DisplayreportService } from '../displayreport.service'  
    import { HttpClient } from '@angular/common/http';  
    import { Router , ActivatedRoute} from '@angular/router';  
    import { report } from '../report.model';  
      selector: 'app-report-category',  
      templateUrl: './report-category.component.html',  
      styleUrls: ['./report-category.component.css']  
    export class ReportCategoryComponent implements OnInit {  
      constructor(public http: HttpClient, private _router: Router, private _displayreport: DisplayreportService) { }  
      ngOnInit() {  
        console.log(this._displayreport.GetReports()) ;  
           this._displayreport.GetReports().subscribe((data: any[]) => {    
            this.reportlist = data;    
          this._displayreport.GetsubReports().subscribe((data: any[]) => {    
            this.subreportlist = data;   

    Saturday, May 2, 2020 8:37 AM

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