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  • //my compuster goes to this point in the compiling process

    //then restarts

    //any ideas of a solution



    //here is the file

    MZ       ÿÿ  ¸       @                                   Р  º ´ Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

    $       ‘ñ[*Ր5yՐ5yՐ5yՐ4yö5yòVNyА5yòVHy֐5yòVXyܐ5yòVIyԐ5yòVMyԐ5yRichՐ5y        PE  L sJõD        à   $         e`      0                              e                                ¬`  <    p             :  8   €  `  0                             °0  @            0                             .text   ~                          h.rdata  d   0                    @  H.data   .   @                    @  ÈPAGE    1   P      $                 `INIT       `      *                 â.rsrc      p      0              @  B.reloc     €      6              @  B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ‹ÿU‹ì‹MV‹q(W‹}‹G`€xuOƒxuIƒxuCSž„   ‹Ëÿ 0 €~P ˆEÆFmuVj hP ÿvTÆFPÿ(0 ŠUÿ†Ø   ‹Ëÿ0 [Wÿ$0 þG#ƒG`$Wÿvÿ 0 _^] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìj j ÿuÿuèö  ] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìƒìS‹]€{ „¨  V‹u‹N`W‹y‹G3Ò‰E÷s<ŠW‹I€â?ˆUô‰Mü‰EðŠF@ˆE‹FD‰Eø¡ @ ;Ár¡ @ €} „¶   ƒ{@ „E  €{ „;  €úux‹Fö@t‹@ëj3ÉQQjQPÿ00 3É;Áu ‹Fö@t‹@ëj QQjQPÿ00 …Àt#‹N‹W+Qj+QÐRÿuÿuüVSèË
      éÏ   ÿuÿuüSèt
      é¾   ÿuQSèe
      ÿuôj ÿuüÿs8è“  ÿƒÄ   é™   ‹Eø€x „Œ   €úuB‹Fö@t‹@ëj3ÉQQjQPÿ00 …Àt/‹N‹W+Qj +QÐRÿuÿuüVSè>
      ëÿuôÿuðQÿs8è%  ÿu‹Eøÿwÿpèš  ƒÄÿvÿ,0 j ÿwSè;  ‹Eø‹H‰N‹ ‰Gj ÿuøSè"  _^[É ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹E‹@(‹MV‹uVPÇF@   ‰NDèþÿÿ€~! t‹v`€N3À^] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìQQ‹U‹MSV‹q(W‹z`‹G‹X‰]øŠX2ˆ]ÿŠX3ˆ]þŠX4ˆ]ýŠX5ÿ†”   ÷@   @ˆ]ütÿ†˜   ¡ @ ;Eür¡ @ 3Û9^@t78^t2SjSVè¹
      ;Ãt‹MüP‰Ohx ÿuÿuëÿuøÿuüVèÉ  SSëèSSRQèF
      _^[É ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìƒìSV‹uW‹= 0 ž„   ‹Ëÿ׋NHƒfH ‰Mô‹Ë‹0 ŠÐÿÓ‹Mô‹A`‹@‹@ŠPˆUÿŠPˆUþŠPˆUýŠPˆUüŠˆUûŠPˆUúŠPŠ@ˆEø‹FDˆUùÿEø€x
     u‹Eü;F<u‹Eø;F@„¯   VèY?  Ž„   ÿ׊NˆMŠÐŽ„   ÆF ÿÓ€} tVè­
      j ÿvVèd
      ƒf ‹Mü…ÉuÇEü   ë‹È‰MüAÿ#Áuô‹Mü…É‹Eø‰N<‰F@v=…Àv9Vè¢;  …ÀÀÿ†¨   ˆF¡80 ëó‹H‰Ž´   ‹‰Ž°   ‹H9Ž´   uâVèá>  ‹Mô‹A`€H2Òÿ0 _^[É ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìV‹u€~ tVèû   SW~XŽ„   ÿ 0 9?ŠÐu3Ûë‹‹‰‰x‰I‰ ‹ÙŽ„   ÿ0 …Ût SV聠 ëÁÿ†Ì   ¡80 _[ëó‹H‰ŽÔ   ‹‰ŽÐ   ‹H9ŽÔ   uâÆFm ^] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹E‹@(‹MV‹uƒf@ VP‰NDè@ûÿÿ€~! t‹v`€N3À^] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìƒì‹U‹J`SV‹q‹^‰]ôŠ^2ˆ]ÿŠ^3ˆ]þŠ^4ˆ]ýŠ^5W‹}‹G(ˆ]ü‹ @ ;]ü‰Eør‹ @ ÿ€Œ   ÷F   @tÿ€   3Û9X@„û   8X„ò   ‹UüSjSP‰QèÏ  ‹ø;ûSuSÿuÿuéÓ   ÿuôÆGSÿuø謠 ;ÉEü„¢   SSSÿuôPÿ@0 ;ÉEôt}Pÿ<0 ‹U‹B‰G‹Bö@t‹@ëjSSjSPÿ00 ‹U;Ãu#Sÿuüˆ_ÿuøèû  ÿuôÿ,0 WhP épÿÿÿ‹N‰‹J‹^+Y+YØ‹Eô‰_‰B‹Eü‰F‰GëSÿuüˆ_ÿuøè±  ëˆ_‹UWhP Ré)ÿÿÿSSRW袠 _^[É ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìSV‹už„   W‹Ëÿ 0 ‹}ƒ |ƒrƒ~H u ‰~HÆEëÆE ŠÐ‹Ëÿ0 €} tVjhb ÿvLÿ(0 ¸  Àë€! t‹`€O3À_^[] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹M‹A`‹@ŠP„ÒV‹uW‹~(uG€x0(u QVèÜýÿÿëC„Òu4€x0*u QVèóúÿÿë0„Òu!€x0%u‹A`€HWh QVè»  ¸  ëj j QVè©  _^] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹E3É9M÷Ðv‹U¶3Ёâÿ   Áè3•@ A;Mrá÷ЋÈÁé3È·Áf…Àt·Àë3À@] ÌÌÌÌÌ ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìj hÈ  j ÿuèp  …ÀtŠMˆH‹M‰Hf‹Mf‰H‰@‰ ] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìj ÿuÿuèè  ] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìQQSVW‹}3ҋǹ P  ÷ñ‹]‹ðkö(s‰Uü3Ò8U‰Eø‰Uu"ÿuÿuWSèhÿÿÿ‹„   ‰Eÿ 0 ‹UˆE€{ „  €{m …  €} t jWSè  …À}H€} „é  ÆCméà  €> „è   €~ „Þ   ƒ{p …Ô   KX‹ë9x„Ä   ‹ ;Áuñ덋„   ÿ 0 ˆE‹Eü‹V‹NÀ·Èf;t(‹EŠM WÿsÆC`P‰{d‰ChˆKlh¢   hÄ   ÿH0 f…Òt0€} u*f;Ut1ŠE ‹MˆClöØWÿsÆC`Q‰{d‰KhÀ¡   PëÀ‹Uf‰‹Nf‰ÿuøÿƒ    Sè  €} „   ŠU‹„   ÿ0 éï   …Ò„¥   ‹u…ötm¾N"kÉ$ƒÁp¸Ø  ;Èw‹ÁPƒÂTVRèw
      ƒÄ€}  tA‹F`‹}‹p‹EjƒÇYó¥‹@…Àt&·Hfùœ ¿Ér¹œ   QP‹E,  Pè0
      ƒÄ‹UCX‹H‰‰J‰‰P€{P uSjhP ÿsTÆCPÿ(0 ƒe ëH€} tB€~ t‹Eü‹NÀfƒ$ ‹Nfƒ$ ë%€{P ÆCmuSjhP ÿsTÆCPÿ(0 €} uŠU‹„   ÿ0 ƒ} t ÿuSèQýÿÿ_^[É ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìSV‹uW^XŽ„   ÿ 0 9uÆFP 3ÿë‹;‹‰‰Y‰‰?ÿFpŠÐŽ„   ÿ0 …ÿtTVè±7  j GTP¶GjP·GPÿwVèöüÿÿÿ†¤   Vè¸7  WVèÇüÿÿ¾„   ‹Ïÿ 0 ÿNpŠÐ‹Ïÿ0 éqÿÿÿ€~m tVèW7  Vè½øÿÿVèy7  _^[] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹E…Àt0S‹]3Ò÷s<‹MVW‹ùtÿ;Îwj3ÀPPjPWSèjüÿÿG;þvë_^[] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹ESV‹u3Ò÷v<‹]ƒe Dÿ;؉E‡   W‹F<P¯EEPj èjûÿÿŽ„   ·øÿ 0 ‹ŽÜ   ŠU‰œÎà   ‹ŽÜ   f‰¼Îä   ‹ŽÜ   ˆ”Îæ   ‹ŽÜ   Aáÿ  ‰ŽÜ   ŠÐŽ„   ÿ0 jÿuj ÿuWSVè¯ûÿÿÿEC;]†sÿÿÿ_^°[] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹E‹U…Ò‹@(S‹]‰Eu þC#ƒC`$ë(V‹s`WFÜjY‹øó¥‹MÆ@ ‹C`ƒè$_‰P‰H Æ@à^‹E‹H‹ÓÿP0 3É9Mt=  uQQQQÿuÿL0 ‹C[] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìj ÿuÿuÿuÿuèhÿÿÿ] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìj j ÿuÿT0 ¸  À] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹ES3Û+ÃVtHHt3ö鉠  hDVERÿujÿ\0 ‹ð;ótÿuSVè²  ‹EƒÄ¸   ë;8-D uKÆ-D ëBhDVERÿuSÿ\0 ‹ð;ótÿuSVèu  ‹EƒÄ¼   3ÉAðÁë8,D uÆ,D ‹Eÿ€À   ‹Æ^[] ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹E3É+Át
    Hu#‹E¸   ë‹E¼   ƒÊÿðÁQÿuÿ`0 ] ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìƒìSW‹}3Û9_„Ì   ‹G@H3Ò¹ P  ÷ñ‰]ôV@‰Eð‹wuô„   ‰]ü‰]øÿ 0 8ˆEt[8^‹F‰Eü‹F‰^‰Eø‰^t*ÿv ÿp0 ÿv$ÿp0 ˆ^F‹‹P‰
    ‰Q‰@‰ ÿO$ÿv ÿ,0 ÿv$‰^ ÿ,0 ‰^$ˆŠU„   ÿ0 9]ütjÿuüWèüþÿÿ9]øtjÿuøWèìþÿÿƒEô(ÿMð…Jÿÿÿ^_[É ÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìQW‹}„   ‰Müÿ 0 € ˆEt2G09 t+S‹p0 V‹0‹‰‰A‹Æ‰@‰ ÿvÆFñ ÿÓÿvÿÓÿO$^[ŠU‹Müÿ0 _É ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ì‹M‹EkÉ(Hƒ@(‹P(VƒP, ‰Q‹P,‰Q‹qƒÁ‹‰‰r‹P4ƒÀ0‰‰Q‰
    ‰H^] ÌÌÌÌÌÌjhH1 舠 ‹}kÿ(‹u~‰}àÆEæ ÆEç ƒeü jj ÿw ‹t0 ÿÓÆEæjj ÿw$ÿÓÆEçë"3À@Ëeè‹uÿ†È   ‹}à€}æ t ÿw ÿp0 ÇEüþÿÿÿ€}ç tFÆE ž„   ‹Ëÿ 0 ˆEåÆGÿuVèÿÿÿÿF$ƒ~$3vÆEŠUå‹Ëÿ0 €} tVèŠþÿÿŠEçè  Â ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìƒì‹Eƒeü …ÀtdV‹u3Ò¹ P  DÿW‹ù÷÷3Ò‰Eä‹Æ÷ñ;Eä‰Eðw=‹ÈkÉ(‰Mì¿    S‹]‹suì€> t*€~ …  PSèÍþÿÿ„À…ó   ÇEüš  À[_^‹EüÉ jWjSèüÿÿ…À‰EôtÝjWjSèüÿÿ‰E3À9EtÈ‹@0 PPPWÿuôÿÓ‰Eø3À9Eøt¯PPPWÿuÿÓ…À‰EètŸ‹]Ã„   ‹Ëÿ 0 €> u!‹Mô‰N‹M‰N‹Mø‰N ‹Mè‰N$ÆÆEëÆE ŠÐ‹Ëÿ0 €} tÿuðÿuèþÿÿ„À„Aÿÿÿë ÿuèÿ,0 €} u#ÿuøÿ,0 jÿuÿuèùûÿÿjÿuôÿuèìûÿÿ‹EðƒEì(@;Eä‰Eð†ÒþÿÿéûþÿÿÌÌÌÌÌ;
    D u ÷Á  ÿÿuÃé   ÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìQ‰Müj ÿ5D ÿ5D ÿuüh÷   ÿH0 ÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌhp# dÿ5    ‹D$‰l$l$+àSVW¡D 1Eü3ÅP‰eèÿuø‹EüÇEüþÿÿÿ‰EøEðd£    ËMðd‰
        Y__^[‹å]QÃÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ‹ÿU‹ìƒìS‹]V‹s35D W‹ƒøþÆEÿ ÇEø   {t
    ‹NÏ38èÿÿÿ‹N‹FÏ38èÿÿÿ‹Eö@f…â   ‹MUì‰Sü‹[ƒûþ‰Eì‰Mðt_I [‹L†…ɍD†‰Eô‹ ‰Et‹×èä  …ÀÆEÿ|@G‹Eƒøþ‹Øu΀}ÿ t$‹ƒøþt
    ‹NÏ38è”þÿÿ‹N‹VÏ3:è„þÿÿ‹Eø_^[‹å]ÃÇEø    ëÉ‹Mè»  ‹E9XthD W‹Ó‹Èè¾  ‹E‹M‰H‹ƒøþt
    ‹NÏ38è5þÿÿ‹N‹VÏ3:è%þÿÿ‹Eô‹H‹×éQ  ºþÿÿÿ9StŠhD W‹Ëèm  éTÿÿÿÌÌÌÌÌÌÿ%0 ÌÌÌÌÌÌÿ%40 ÌÌÌÌÌÌÿ%X0 ÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌSVW‹T$‹D$‹L$URPQQh€% dÿ5    ¡D 3ĉD$d‰%    ‹D$0‹X‹L$,3‹pƒþþt;‹T$4ƒúþt;òv.4v\³‹‰Hƒ{ uÌh  ‹Cèî   ¹   ‹Cè   ë°d    ƒÄ_^[ËL$÷A   ¸   t3‹D$‹H3Èè ýÿÿU‹hÿpÿpÿpè>ÿÿÿƒÄ]‹D$‹T$‰¸   ÃU‹L$‹)ÿqÿqÿq(èÿÿÿƒÄ] UVWS‹ê3À3Û3Ò3ö3ÿÿÑ[_^]Ëê‹ñ‹ÁjèK   3À3Û3É3Ò3ÿÿæU‹ìSVWj j h'& QèQ   _^[]ÃU‹l$RQÿt$è´þÿÿƒÄ] ÌÌÌÌÌSQ»D ëSQ»D ‹L$‰K‰C‰kUQPXY]Y[ ÿÐÃÌÌÌÌÌÿ%x0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   êc  Öc      Äa  âa  öa  b  b  (b  8b  Nb  `b  lb  Œb  –b  ¤b  Àb  ®a  äb  ôb  c  c  *c  @c  Xc  lc  xc  †c  –c  ¦c  Êc  œa  Ša  Ðb  xa          sJõD       $   ø0  ø      H                                                           D  1    RSDSÿ§>ËîUKºsm#LÖ    crcdisk.pdb     p#  €%  þÿÿÿ    Ðÿÿÿ    þÿÿÿ    ‡Q     þÿÿÿ    Ðÿÿÿ    þÿÿÿ½ Á                                                                                                                                                              ÿÿÿÿ        –0w,aîºQ ™Ämôjp5¥c飕dž2ˆÛ¤¸ÜyéÕàˆÙÒ—+L¶ ½|±~-¸ç‘¿d·ò °jHq¹óÞA¾„}ÔÚëäÝmQµÔôÇ…ÓƒV˜lÀ¨kdzùbýìÉeŠO\Ùlcc=úõ
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    ÖÜY=Ñ«¬0Ù&: ÞQ€Q×Èaпµô´!#ijV™•ºÏ¥½¸ž¸(ˆ_²ÙÆ$鱇|o/LhX«aÁ=-f¶AÜvqÛ¼ Ò˜*Õ±qµ¶¥ä¿Ÿ3Ô¸è¢Éx4ù Ž¨ –˜á»
    j-=m—ld‘\cæôQkkbalØ0e…N bòí•l{¥Áô‚WÄõÆÙ°ePé·ê¸¾‹|ˆ¹üßÝbI-Úó|ÓŒeLÔûXa²MÎQµ:t ¼£â0»ÔA¥ßJוØ=mÄѤûôÖÓjéiCüÙn4Fˆg­Ð¸`Ús-Då3_L
    Ý<qPªA'¾† É%µhW³…o  Ôf¹ŸäaÎùÞ^˜ÉÙ)"˜Ð°´¨×Ç=³Y
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    Monday, October 16, 2006 8:52 PM

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  • is this relating to software development in Windows Vista at all? you say "compiling process" - what compiling process?
    • Proposed as answer by shar111 Saturday, October 27, 2012 3:15 PM
    • Unproposed as answer by shar111 Saturday, October 27, 2012 3:17 PM
    Monday, October 16, 2006 11:12 PM