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  • We would like to implement the Office container from FSLogix to improve searching inside Outlook, but we run into some issues getting it to work.

    - Two 2016 RDS servers (latest updates)
    - Office 2019
    - User Profile Disks enabled (store all settings and data on the user profile disk)
    - OST file is stored on a share on a fileserver (GPO "Outlook folder path" points to the share: \\server\users$\%username%\OutlookFiles)

    When the user logs in the VHDX is created and attached, but the problem is that it is empty. When I check the ODFC logs I can see the following errors:

    [22:24:43.408][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            AttachVirtualDisk success
    [22:24:43.470][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            Volume name: \\?\Volume{78c1818d-13bc-4a5c-9197-bd46db04d808}\
    [22:24:43.470][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            Configuration Read (DWORD): SOFTWARE\Policies\FSLogix\ODFC\MirrorLocalOSTToVHD.  Data: 1
    [22:24:43.470][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            New Outlook VHD. Copying previous Outlook data to VHD
    [22:24:43.549][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][ERROR:0000001d]  Error copying previous Outlook data (The system cannot write to the specified device)
    [22:24:43.549][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            Status set to 7: Cannot create destination folders
    [22:24:43.549][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            Error set to 5
    [22:24:43.549][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][ERROR:00000005]  Creating ODFC directory (Access denied)
    [22:24:43.549][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            Configuration setting not found: SOFTWARE\Policies\FSLogix\ODFC\PreventLoginWithFailure.  Using default: 0
    [22:24:43.564][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][ERROR:0000001f]  Error (A device that is connected to the system does not work)
    [22:24:43.611][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]            Detached vhd(x)
    [22:24:43.611][tid:00000bd4.000036a8][INFO]           ===== End Session: Attach Outlook Data Folder Container: user
    [22:24:43.642][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]           Configuration setting not found: SOFTWARE\Policies\FSLogix\ODFC\ReAttachRetryCount.  Using default: 60
    [22:24:43.642][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]           Configuration setting not found: SOFTWARE\Policies\FSLogix\ODFC\ReAttachIntervalSeconds.  Using default: 10
    [22:24:43.642][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]           ===== Begin Session: Volume re-attach
    [22:24:43.642][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Attempting re-attach of volume: \\?\Volume{78c1818d-13bc-4a5c-9197-bd46db04d808}\ for SID: S-1-5-21-3891874545-2053492391-1747741719-1126
    [22:24:43.642][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Acquiring mutex for reattach
    [22:24:43.924][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Mutex acquired
    [22:24:43.924][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            VHDPath: \\server\fslogix$\user_S-1-5-21-3891874545-2053492391-1747741719-1126\ODFC_user.VHDX
    [22:24:43.924][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Username: user
    [22:24:43.924][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Attempting re-attach as the user
    [22:24:43.924][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Retry Count: 60  Retry Interval (seconds): 10
    [22:24:43.939][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Successfully opened VHD file
    [22:24:44.080][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]            Volume successfully re-attached
    [22:24:44.080][tid:00000bd4.00000bd8][INFO]           ===== End Session: Volume re-attach

    The permissions should be correct, the security tab from the VHDX shows that the user has full control, when open the VHDX as using logged in to the RDS I can also write data manually.

    A second problem is that the VHDX is not unmounted when the user logs off. I cannot find any details in the logs regarding this.



    Thursday, March 19, 2020 10:02 PM

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  • Hi,

    First off remove the "Outlook folder path" policy, it is rarely needed, and if it is needed it should only contain a local path, not a network/UNC path.

    I have been working with FSLogix for 5 years now, I have never had to configure this policy.

    Second, please post the exact permissions on your FSLogix Office Container share.

    If the container is not unmounting, something in Windows if keeping the user's session open, usually it is an anti virus agent.

    Are you using RemoteApps?

    Sunday, March 22, 2020 4:36 AM
  • Hi Kasper,

    Thanks for the reply. As we did quite some testing and changing of settings I decided to start from scratch again, so remove the GPO, remove FSLogix and re-install. I created a new GPO using mainly some default settings. This helped in some way, as I do not see any error anymore in the ODFC and the VHDX is unmounted after logging off the user as well.

    But I did end up into another problem, once I add a user to the GPO and start Outlook for that user, it wants me to re-add his account (in the control panel there is no profile anymore either). Not sure if that is correct, but when I'm not able to add the account. Normally when I insert the e-mail address (and choose to setup manually) I can choose "Exchange" quite fast and it finds the server very fast. Now this all took much longer and ends up with various errors  like "certain components of Outlook are missing" or pop-up keeps coming for entering the password (100% sure the password is correct). I tried a couple of things to fix it:
    - Reboot server
    - Run Office repair
    - Add new profile through control panel

    As test I removed FSLogix, rebooted the machine and started Outlook. Adding a new account works again.

    Note that we do have Office 365, we use Hosted Exchange from a local service provider, which is based on Exchange 2016 and runs in a data center. Just makes we wonder if using Office 365 is mandatory.

    It was getting quite late yesterday already, so I had to stop. But tips ware welcome :)

    Tuesday, March 24, 2020 8:09 AM