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  • Hello guys,

    Im currently working on the IT sector of this company here amd we have a windows server 2008 R2 and about
    25 computers running windows 7 proffesional on the domain.
    All the computers here were cracked (we did not have a windows license for them) and recently we were contacted my 
    my microsoft allerting us that we have to correct the situation with in our domain (buy licenses and correctly install them)
    I have been reseaching on the subject and undestand a bit better how the activation works and how keys work (OEM,VLC,FPP...)
    Here are some questions im trying to get some help with

    1-Should my computers be reformated? or should i just throw my autenticated CD-KEY on top of my cracked windows through
    2-Is there any tool that you guys can recommend me to inventory the whole domain with info about the CPU, license,
    type of license (a tool that pretty much sums up the domain and helps me keep organized)

    Im currently using a MAK key for all the new software bought, i have done a couple tests and was able to activate this MAK
    key on top of a cracked windows (pirated) and it seems to work but i just wanna make sure that if microsoft comes by 
    again checking on how were doing ( if the domain is corrected ) that everything turns out okay.

    Friday, February 21, 2014 3:03 PM