MIcrosoft NET Framework 1.1 through 4 destroyed my connection dies and has to be rebooted constantly... RRS feed

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  • I am pasting a post from October 2010 describing the identical problem I am having after downloading Microsoft Net Framework 1.1, 1.5., 3.5 and 4...I needed it to install an editing program....big mistake....during the installation of 4 my computer went into standby mode and then hibernation....I rebooted several times and it kept repeating the stand by and hibernation...I tried to uninstall all the Microsoft Net Framework installations and couldn't....the message.. an error occurred during installation, cannot uninstall or something similar...I called Microsoft and a technician remotely removed the software.........but like the previous author, the problem is continuing..I don't what to do...any suggestions?

    This is the previous post

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    Hello. Several days ago my connection was working perfectly. I went to windows update as i usually do and checked for updates and installed the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 for Windows XP (i was previously using the 3.5) and the Client Profile (both seperate files). After installing and rebooting, i noticed my connection would randomly time out and die - something that never happened before. I checked my phone line, i checked my modem and tried various different configurations and set ups to determine what the problem was. Using a laptop on the same connection i realized that when my connection died on my pc it would not die on the laptop, regardless of whether it was via wireless or cable. So from that i believe that the problem must have originated from the .NET framework 4 update i had recently installed. So i tried uninstalling it but the problem still persists. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling each previous version from .NET 1.0 back to 3.5 but nothing works. Im desperate and im looking for help. Id really appreciate any ideas, thanks!

    Im running Windows Xp pro sp3

    Patricia Weems
    Saturday, February 12, 2011 5:06 AM