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  • I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 system running Hyper-V and hosting 3 VM's that are all running SQL Server.
     The host attaches to an ISCSI Raid array.  Each VM stores it's OS on a drive from the ISCSI (as an vhd), and has two additional drives from the ISCSI attached as physical drives.  The SQL Data are stored on one of the physical attached drives, and the logs on the other.  The physically attached drives are only used for SQL data and logs. 
     The hardware has reached it's end of life, and we are running low are drive space so I have a new server, Windows Server 2016, with an internal raid array which I can use for the VM's drives and new physical drives.

    If I stop the SQLServices, copy the data from the physical attached drives on the old servers to the drives that will become the physical attached drives on the new servers, then shut down the VM's, Export them, and then Import them to the new server, and attach the new physical drives, would that be a valid way of migrating my VM's to the new server?

    Sorry for asking this again but I seem to be the only one posting to my original thread after I got a reply of use Live Migration.  Looking at other support threads on Live Migration with physically attached drives, they stated that the attached drives had to be managed as cluster shared volumes, which if I'm not misunderstanding the process would leave my new server using the same physically attached drives as my old server.  This is not a solution that will work for me as the ISCSI array is also at its end of life with no warranty, and the drives are running out of space.  I need to migrate the data on the physical attached drives to the raid array on the new server which has larger drives.

    Friday, February 9, 2018 4:18 PM


  • Okay, for anyone else trying to do this, yes this works as a way to move a VM with physically attached drives!

    I stopped the SQL Services on the old VM and set them to manual startup,

    attached an external drive to the host system,

    mapped the VM's physical attached drives over the network to the host system,

    copied the data on the physically attached drives to the external drive.

    shut down the VM

    exported the VM to the external drive

    detached the external drive from the old host and attached it to the new one.

    imported the VM allowing it to detach the old physically attached drives.

    Attached the new physically attached drives to the imported VM

    Started up the VM and copied the data from the external drive to the new physically attached drives

    Reset the SQL Services to automatic startup and restarted the system.

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