Importing TFS2008 Projects to existing TFS2010 Server


  • Hi All,

    I have an existing TFS2008 install with a number of projects that has been used for a few years now. In addition, we have a TFS2010 server that has been in use for approx 12 months and was originally just a 'test' of TFS2010. With our move to .Net4, and our Database Projects using VS2010, we want to migrate all the data from the 2008 TFS to the existing 2010 TFS, and keep all the data, history etc if possible.

    How do I do this? I have aread a few guides where I can restore the databases to the TFS2010 instance, but this will obviously not work with out existing projects.

    Any advice or guides to point me to?


    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 11:57 PM


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