Passing parameters between JScript and a Java applet RRS feed

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  • I don't know which forum to actually post this question in but it's driving my crazy.  I know it's a prerequisite for programmers.  I am using a html page for a thin client scanning application.  I scan documents and create tiff images for each page.  Although I can create a multipage tiff from the start it would harder to add, delete or replace a page later.  My problem is I use a pre-packaged java applet to view the images.  In the case of document with multiple pages I use the WIA ImageFile object and JScript to combine the individual pages of a document into a multipage tiff image which the viewer will display.  The viewer handles creating thumbnails for each page in the document.  My problem come when I pass the image as a an array of bytes to applet directly fromr the WIA ImageFile.FileData.BinaryData property.  This when it reaches the exposed public method in the applet the parameter is null.  When debugging in VS 2005 the type is Array of Byte.  I have tried assign this property to a Jscript variable before calling the applet with the same results.  A check of the documentation on sun sites says this should be no problem.  Any help would appreciate.
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 6:45 PM