running two full screen instanses of wpf mediaplayers on two monitors RRS feed

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  • I wrote some small test application which plays avi files on full screen (1024x768). The purpose of this application is to play at least 24 hours list of avi files. When it is only one instance of application it is running well without noticeable memory problems. The problems start when we run two instances of application on two monitors. After 20-25 minutes there are visible render problems: some lines in avi files are not rendered (frozen) and after 5 minutes after this effect first appeared computer performance crashed.
    I tried to check this issue with task manager, and only what I noticed, that all the time PF usage is increasing (CPU usage is the same) , but in the peak of crash CPU 100% and even mouse doesn’t move. Almost is impossible to close application.
    I’m using two MediaElements (one visible and one hidden) for loading and displaying avi.  When one is playing I load new avi in hidden one. When media is ended, I switch their visibilities. OS is WindowsXP SP3, 2GB Ram, Graphic Card is ATI Radeon. In one of forums was written to remove HW acceleration, but without this acceleration CPU is 100% and movie doesn’t move.
    May be there is some good avi file configuration that provides best performance?


    Wednesday, November 4, 2009 10:39 PM