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  • I am currently working on a windows 8 store app. My application can enable users to display 3D models. I have converted my 3d models into ASCII/Binary formats and stored them in my windows azure database.

    So my question is , how do i retrieve them and convert the ASCII/Binary format back to its original form and display it on my application using the windows form(the sample ModelRendering from the latest dev package in SharpDX.com). 
    Monday, April 22, 2013 11:12 AM


  • Which part of this are you having trouble with?

    How to retrieve data from your Azure database?
    How to convert your data from ASCII/Binary to binary?
    How to display the resulting data in SharpDX?
    Something else?

    Especially for an urgent problem it is best to break it down into specific questions, provide clear details on what that question is, and ask it in an appropriate forum.

    For the Azure question, you will probably connect to the database via web service to retrieve it. Exact details will depend on how exactly you have the database set up and how you are connecting. You probably should ask this in one of the Azure forums

    For the second, how to decode depends on how you encoded in the first place. You likely want something like CryptographicBuffer's DecodeFromBase64String method , but you'll need to provide more information about what you mean if you need more specific help.

    For the last you may be better off asking in a SharpDX forum, although there several SharpDX experts in the community here. Either way you will probably want to be more specific about what exactly you are trying to do and where exactly you have a problem with it.


    Monday, April 22, 2013 5:11 PM