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  • Hi, i would like to break the ACPI code in windbg. My target machine is windows 10x64. After loading ACPI.sys and enable full debug output (!amli set spewon), i'm able to see the ACPI code. However, i'm not able to break it after i set the breakpoint with the command below:

    0: kd> !amli bp \_SB.PCI0.SBUS.SWRB   //this method is valid

    0: kd> !amli bl
    0: <e> ffffb7067d960fa2:[\_SB.PCI0.SBUS.SWRB]

    I'm following this website: to enable AMLI debugger in windbg.

    By the way, MSDN website mentioned that, "To activate breaking into debugger on free builds, use the !amli set dbgbrkon command, that is part of the AMLI Debugger extensions.".
    However, i'm not able to run this command because it is invalid command argument. Any help will be appreciated.  

    0: kd>  !amli set dbgbrkon 
    AMLI_ARGERR: invalid command argument - dbgbrkon

    0: kd> !amli ?

    Help                     - ? [<Cmd>]
    Clear Breakpoints        - bc <bp list> | *
    Disable Breakpoints      - bd <bp list> | *
    Enable Breakpoints       - be <bp list> | *
    List Breakpoints         - bl
    Set Breakpoints          - bp <MethodName> | <CodeAddr> ...
    Clear Event Log          - cl
    Request entering debugger- debugger
    Dump Heap                - dh [<Addr>]
    Dump Event Log           - dl
    Dump Name Space Object   - dns [[/s] [<NameStr> | <Addr>]]
    Dump Data Object         - do <Addr>
    Dump Stack               - ds [/v] [<Addr>]
    Find NameSpace Object    - find <NameSeg>
    List All Contexts        - lc
    Display Nearest Method   - ln [<MethodName> | <CodeAddr>]
    Display Context Info.    - r <Context>
    Set Debugger Options     - set [traceon | traceoff] [nesttraceon | nesttraceoff] [spewon | spewoff]
                                   [lbrkon | lbrkoff] [errbrkon | errbrkoff] [verboseon | verboseoff] 
                                   [logon | logoff] [logmuton | logmutoff]
    Unassemble AML code      - u [<MethodName> | <CodeAddr>]

    Thursday, March 2, 2017 3:08 AM