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    Permissions are possibly the worst issues to deal with.  They are insidious.  When we lack authorization, the system, unlike any other exception, returns a muddled message to discourage the bad guy.  But, perchance, if you're the good guy, you'll play like hell trying to identify the source of your problems.

    So, I beg the IIS team: make the windows event log fully integrated with IIS.  Make a button to turn on the integration.  It's ridiculous that the web server isn't already outputting to the OS's default logger!  Come on, already.  We're talking about logs, we're not talking about source code, we're talking about logs! 

    The incantations needed to get the proper permissions in place discourages web developers to handle exceptions and log events.  It's crucial that IIS do its part to make applications more reliable.  You can do this by integrating with the event log.  Go look at the hot mess on a linux box.  logging output to files. ok.  Then you need a log rotator, because the logger will just log to file until the size takes over the machine. holy cow is that stupid.  A Windows Server gets a windows event log for free! let's use it!


    Tuesday, March 15, 2016 4:09 PM

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    You probably should first define properly what is the "integration" in your mind.

    A complex system like IIS has to follow a few existing conventions,

    1. Report service errors and so on in Windows event log (application pool recycle, crash, and so on).
    2. Generate IIS access logs in per site folders in W3C format which other web servers also do.
    3. Generate audit entries to Windows event log when configured.
    4. Generate HTTP error logs when HTTP.sys detects issues.
    5. Many other log files such as failed request tracing need to be configured separately.

    Thus, I don't understand for what you think that "the web server isn't already outputting to the OS's default logger". It does whenever necessary, and who says "the OS's default logger" is the Windows event log?

    If you do want someone to hear your feedback, write it clearly and in a good manner. I could hardly follow your last few paragraphs, as you must have been typing too fast.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2016 5:28 AM