error alerts say corrupt but file appears to be empty RRS feed

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  •   Ok so bare w/me as I'm no tech.
    I didn't even know I had framework until i started getting error reports.

    several files began shutting down that's never heard of. Of course as i write this i can't get the alert to come back on but i've narrowed the problem down to this area as one of the paths was


    however when i actually began looking for this thing here's how far i got


    it will not let me open the CONFIG folder because it is inaccessible due to being corrupt and unreadable.So why is it that when i open the properties it has 0 bytes and 0 folders? Why is it saying corrupted? and what can i do about it?
    i've tried uninstalling it via the cleanup download i found from  this forum to no plan was to simply reinstall this program and hope to god my notebook still acts as if it will let me manually delete the program then stops saying i need permission. i cannot find this program in my programs and features area to uninstall it that way. i've searched the net for hours and have found noone with this problem.can anyone help?

                                 talk real slow guys and simplfy as much as possible!!
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