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    It was suggested that I post my question here. I hope I have selected the correct forum categories.

    This is an Office 365 email question. We use Office 365 email and Outlook.

    I would like to create a template for an email address. Please keep reading, this is not the usual template. 

    This is what I want to do: Whenever a user needs IT help, they send an email to a specific IT email address. I would like a simple "form" to populate the body of the email whenever they enter the IT email address. I've been calling this a template. Nothing fancy, just some basics I want them to enter (name, phone number, location, details about the problem....). No checking of input is necessary. I just want these prompts to show up to remind them of what IT needs to know to help them.

    I need this template to pop into any email being sent to a specific email address. And I need it to work for all users. This is not the usual template that users create for themselves or one that needs to be imported. It needs to work automatically without the user needing to do anything including importing a template and then needing to select New Items->More Items->Choose Form->selecting the form. That's too much for most of our users to do (or understand). They are already used to just sending a simple email to IT but most of the time, the necessary information is missing so they need a reminder.

    So, is there any way to create a simple template that will populate the body of an email based on the email address it's being sent to?  I see where I can use XML on the content of an email being sent to an address. Is there a way to tweak that? Perhaps using html (mailto) somewhere? The current method for using templates just seems very clumsy.

    Friday, February 22, 2019 5:09 PM