List on new server points to old server template, can't change new list items


  • Recently, our IT migrated our SharePoint site to a new server (new URL). One of the glitches I can't fix is this:

    In an InfoPath Form library, the old items open using the template from the old server (still active for now).  It will "save" to the new site, but "submit" to the old site.  When I open designer to change the template, it correctly has the new URL, as does the submit data connection.  When I go to the info tab of an old item, the "advanced properties" list has the old url for the template and I can't change it .  New items work properly.

    I tried re-linking again (already said new server template, but did it anyways).  I updated the old site template to submit to new server, and it creates a new entry on the new site (a duplicate).  There are some workflow buttons and rules on the old form, but I removed them on the new template (unused).

    Both site administrators are out of ideas, so any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017 9:44 PM

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