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  • I am planning to test against the SQL Server component of the Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions.
    Unfortunately, the Application Test Specification says very little about how the tests are to be conducted, which makes it hard/impossible to pre-test our solution.
    However, the corresponding document for the Microsoft Platform Test for Hosted Solutions does specify some tangible criteria for passing some of the tests.
    Assuming the test procedures are the same, the criteria for passing the SQL Server component using ADO.NET is that ".Net SQL Client Data Provider" is specified as the Application Name in the connection string and visible when running a trace using SQL Server Profiler.

    I claim that this does not make sense. Should it not be considered best practice, or at least be supported, to specify a "real" application name in the connection string?
    Should doing so really cause us to fail the Platform Test? Is this test procedure thought through by Microsoft or did it just seem like an easy way of checking for ADO.NET usage? I didn't even think Microsoft considered .NET FW components to be applications...I don't.
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