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  • I have been tasked to create a daily search in multiple user mailboxes for specific search criteria on our Exchange 2013 box and export a few fields (subject, date, etc.) related to search results into SQL so we can use them to massage data, serve it up to those users, etc.  I have successfully used C#/EWS to connect to Exchange and pull fields required for my email account (using both Windows credentials for current user and a manual login) but only with my account directly.  My questions is: what is most efficient way of creating one login "to rule them all" and use that to connect to each mailbox to run search or is it even possible?  Will I have to use logins for each user as I run search or can I somehow use the Exchange Admin Account and "find" the mailboxes and run the search criteria?  Any help/code examples/links would be greatly appreciated.  I am a C#/SQL developer who is very unfamiliar with Exchange so I apologize for any misspoken terms (please don't bash me too badly).

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    PS-If there is a more simple, efficient and free way to do the above, please let me know.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2015 12:37 AM


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