SharePoint Server 2013 Workflow - Problems - Wrong User RRS feed

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  • I have this problems:

    I wonder if it is really a Bug, and if there will be fix?

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    We have an issue with user logins and their use in Workflow Manager workflows, these workflows have been created in SharePoint designer.


    * Environment

    SharePoint 2013 with WFM 1.0 Feb Update, SharePoint Mar and Apr updates.

    * Create two users in AD with the following details

    First Name: Jack

    Surname: Smi

    Login: jsmi@domain

    First Name: John

    Surname: Smith

    Login: jsmith@domain

    * Create a Custom List and add a People column.

    * Create a list 2013 workflow in SharePoint designer.

    * First Action: Set your new people column to = item created by user, using Login value

    * Second Action: Write a history record displaying the Display Name of your People column value.


    * Create a list item and start workflow as jsmi@domain (Jack Smi)

    * People column displays John Smith (Should be Jack Smi)

    * Name displayed in history is John Smith (Should be Jack Smi)


    * We can reproduce this in at least two separate SharePoint 2013 environments.

    * We can make sure the right user is assigned by "Set" action in workflow by using the User ID when copying from the source.

    * We can not display the correct users name in any history or emails as choosing to show the Display Name of a people variable for jsmi@domain always show the display name for jsmith@domain.


    * Anyone else come across this issue?

    * Know of any work arounds?



    Wednesday, August 14, 2013 12:00 PM