How to change order of data disk in a SQL cluster? RRS feed

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  • please see the picture below, the order of disks in 2 node are different. I have been told if disks on cluster are in different orders, after one node crash, another node will be hard to get the control of cluster. I am not sure it is true or not. Then, my cluster is in production environment. I can't do a practice on it to verify what he said to me. So, I hope you can give a confirming. and if true. Could you please give me more in detail how to align the order of disks. Like disk2 on node 1<=>disk 6 node 2, so, on  node 2, how to change disk #6 to disk #2 ? of cause, only their #, not letters.

    it posted on SQL Server forum, then some one advised me to post it on here.


    Monday, May 6, 2013 3:57 AM