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  • I get a stack overflow exception and it is for this specific case only. I can see about EDITBIN.EXE /STACK:<s.. but can i do this in any way in a PC without Visual studio. I am trying to give an workaround for my user - so that he can work with the app till i fix it in code.

    Note: I am able solve my stack overflow issue by increasing the stack size using Editbin.exe - i want to do this in users pc..

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    Monday, October 22, 2012 5:59 PM


  • i can do that - but i want to find a way, if there are many users..

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    Well, of course the best way is to just fix the program so that you don't overflow the stack, which probably means unrolling a recursive function to use a stack internally instead.

    However, editbin isn't something you can redistribute (legally), I don't believe, and it requires a full VS command prompt.  As such, it's not trivial to run remotely.

    Otherwise, you could write a program to manually edit the image headers in the PE header table, but this would be a lot of effort - far more work than just deploying a new executable which has been increased.  For details on the image headers, see:

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