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  • Hi, I have a problem with the NetworkDays_Intl function. If I insert it on a sheet with the date setting 1904 I have different results depending on whether I use:

    gg = ws.NetworkDays_Intl (ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset (0, 1),, Range ("ggvacanza"))

    therefore referring to cells in the sheet or

    gg2 = ws.NetworkDays_Intl (a, b,, Sheets ("holidays"). Range ("ggvacanza")), where "a" and "b" are variable.

    I need to use the second function as I have to repeat the calculation on hundreds of lines, moreover I have to use the 1904 system as I have to add sums in hours and minutes that can give me negative values.

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  • With 01/01/2020 in C2 and 31/01/2020 in D2, I get 19 in both F2 and G2.

    Could you create a stripped-down copy of the workbook (without sensitive information) and make it available through one of the websites that let you upload and share a file, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, FileDropper or DropBox. Then post a link to the uploaded and shared file here.

    Or register at (it's free) and start a thread in the Excel forum. You can attach files up to 250 KB to a post there (zipped if necessary).

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