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  • Goal is to be able to create/debug stored procedures in both of the dbms' we are working in.  We working against SQL Server 2005 and DB2 v5r4m0 on the AS400.


    I have VS 2005; have downloaded and installed the IBM add-ins for working with a DB2 database.  I have configured the connection using the IBMDA400 OLE DB Provider.


    I can get connected and see my tables and stored procedures just fine.  I can also run an interactive query using the Data/New Query menu option and retrieve data.


    However, my problems are thus: 


    1.  I cannot open an existing stored procedure to edit it. 

    2.  While my IBM Designers (Procedure Designer, Table Designer, Data Designer, etc.) display as Toolbars, the individual options on the each Designer toolbar are grayed out/disabled.


    What am I missing?


    The Provider is one we have been using for a year now during our development so I don't think it's a provider problem.  It has become increasingly inconvenient to work with the db2 stored procedures via iSeries Navigator and we would desperately like to have the interaction within VS to create/debug stored procedures.


    In my research, I have run across some posts that suggest using DB2 Connect but have not been successful in getting that configured.


    With SQL Server, I can edit a stored procedure and insert breakpoints although I haven't completed my tests for stepping into the stored procedure yet.


    Thanks in advance for your assistance.




    Addendum re: SQL Server -

    Working through Server Explorer, I am able to open a stored procedure and set a breakpoint.  When I run it, I do get the prompt to enter the parameter values, but when the code stops at the breakpoint, I cannot see any values of the parameters via watch (error message says it cannot resolve the reference) nor can I step through the procedure.

    Perhaps there is a setup I need to have performed on the servers for remote debugging since both of the databases are not local?

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 10:38 PM