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    Hi Guys


    I'm trying to set up single web page which will contains simple form to fill up and store it within SQL Express in one table. Now, I'm relatively new to .asp and while I'm trying to create this page I cannot move on any forward. The steps which I have taken so far are:

    1. connect with sql database

    2. create formview in design view

    3. specify data source from sql database

    4. specify data connection with local database

    5. configure SELECT statement with the table from the database (I can't select generate insert statements sometimes)

    6. test query - seems to be fine

    7. enable paging

    8. this is where the problem begins. Whenever I'm trying to change template to "InsertItemTemplate" from the Smart Task panel I can see that layout is changing. But right after I click End Template Editing layout is switching back to a previous view. Also when I'm trying to debug all I have is an empty website.

    Did I miss some steps? Or perhaps it is maybe SQL server fault? Maybe someone have web address to any tutorial which would explain how to create simple sql-based form? Many Thanks for your help.



    Friday, July 27, 2007 12:09 PM