iCalendar combination with Exchange 2010 SP2/Outlook/OWA: multiple events in one meeting request without using recurrency RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Exchange version: Exchange 2010 SP2

    API Name:MAPI, OWA

    We have a concrete question about a new functionality that we want to implement for students and teachers at our university.

    We want to send the individual school schedules and all changes of the class timetables from SAP(=source of information) as soon as possible to the mailbox of students and teachers.

    All mailboxes are hosted on Exchange 2010 SP2 servers.

    We thought we could send for each course multiple events within one meeting request by using the "method request" in the attached .ics file.

    Outlook and OWA 2010 doesn't seem to deal with these multiple events, unless the request is a recurrent meeting. The strange thing is, we can import the .ics file with multiple events in Outlook. But, if we try to send the same .ics file with “method:request”, then only the first "event" will become visible in Outlook/OWA after accepting the meeting request.

    Disadvantages if we do use recurrent meeting requests:

    •       ICal doesn't let us book 2 VEVENTS on the same date (even if the vevents have a different schedule that day !) within one VCALENDAR -> we have to split the meeting requests
    •       We've set the recurency to less than one year, but have following problem: if one real date is the same as one of the recurrent dates, then the iCal-format becomes invalid. That's why we have to set the recurrency to yearly.
    •       Users get following warning when they look at the "When" part of the message
      “Takes place every october 4 from 4/10/2012 to 4/10/2018 from 14:00 to 17:00” (= free translation from dutch message)
      This is of course not the real view of the course (look at 2018, you won't find an event)

    Here are a few alternatives that we rather don't want to use:

    *DUET (integration gSAP + Exchange possible) -> too expensive license

    *EWS it is possible to change the calendar immediatly, but last minute changes are not always visible for the users. They don't receice a notification in their inbox.

    Is it possible with  to work with multiple events(or in the near future?) using the accept button in OWA/Outlook(Exchange 2010 SP2) without using recurrent meeting requests or are there other good solutions we can implement without having the above disadvantages.

    Many thanks!

    Monday, November 12, 2012 7:19 AM